Top Bitcoin Wallets in Android

With the increase in technology, the use of android mobile has increased over the years. Bitcoin is the most used mobile device version before the iOS device. As of now, Bitcoin has taken the world by storm which offers a currency alternative to government-backed currencies from daily use. Bitcoin Android Wallets are the popular source to secure the crypto assets and will have access to the tokens whenever it is required. So, by using the best bitcoin wallet android you can secure the bitcoin with the help of the device and the risk of getting hacked is less when compared to other media like online or desktop wallets. Below are the top bitcoin wallets in android.

Electrum Wallet

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This is a very popular bitcoin wallet for android other than a desktop wallet. When you download, 12 random words are generated where you need to take a note of it.  So, the private keys will not be locked onto the electrum and also have the autonomy to export the bitcoin in any wallet as you make a wish. Electrum Bitcoin Wallet has its own QR scanner to capture the wallet addresses and even send payments easily.


Mycelium has good ratings in the google play and interface is very easy to laid out. Mycelium will make convenient for any bitcoin transactions with the help of QR code and also has the address book for making the payments. So, the wallet has good security features that include the security pin and the app support keys from the paper wallet as well. Also, Mycelium is the ideal choice for both the developers and the users.

Trust Wallet

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The Trust Wallet is the best bitcoin wallet android that secures the BTC in android devices. Trust can be the multi-coin wallet that can support many cryptocurrencies along with the bitcoin.  So, the development team of this wallet is very efficient and keeps on adding more cryptocurrencies for each month.

There are many other wallets in Bitcoin for android devices where it has the various security features and easily send the payments. However, the above apps are the best bitcoin wallet android which has multi-function and authentication code. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about top bitcoin wallets in android.  Thanks for reading!

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